This is my world.. but its ok.. they know me here….

It’s been a while.. flown 5000 mils to the other side of the world….
it was a long wait … I peeped through the window of the plane as it taxied to a halt The sun was so bright it hurt my eyes.. I could see the blue sky above and the coconut trees in the distance … soon I was out of the plane. Its was hot and humid…. ….

8.00AM what a beautiful morning .. it’s the Katunayake International Airport ooopps I mean Bandaranayake International Airport sorry we keep changing the name every now and then just to confuse hell out of the returning traveller. “W” is glad to see me, he gives me the lowdown of what’s being happening whilst we are on our way to Colombo ….you know its nice to be driven.

buses drive on the wrong side… TuK Tuk drivers creep behind you!!! People crossing the road from every corner except the zebra crossing it’s the morning rush…Driving here is not for the faint hearted.. But soon I get with the flow as if I had never left .. noisy, messy and chaotic it’s a way of life … it’s great!!!

People just enjoying life to the fullest!! recessation, global economic meltdown nahhhh never heard of them in this part of the world

After three decades of war the bloody and brutal bloodshed has now come to an end.. but at what cost ? everyone smiles and hope is in the air sense of relief from the war The old world charm still exists… being lazy comes natural and is the order of the day. The island mentality supersedes and rules the daily life. The heat is slowing me down but the excitement keeps me a wake

I look out of the window admiring carved stones, old houses bordered by overhanging trees.. Temples painted in white….. catholic churches with big iron gates , little known kovils and vintage mosques in small towns, seeduwa, Ja- Ela, Kadana congested towns we pass one by one. Old men chewing on beetle getting ready for yet another day …. , ugly cut-outs of politicians erected for the up coming elections and their false promises printed in big red & green letters..

I have returned….. again … alone … but I am glad …. this is my world …. my own little world .. but its ok … they know me here….

“Random Thoughts”
3rd Feb 2010Travel