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Life is a series of moments and time is the name we give to the chain that binds them. For my part, I capture these moments and paint them with light and lenses. My work is in freezing memories; preserving the emotions and thoughts that make them meaningful and telling the stories behind the special moments in our lives through images.


This is how I have been spending the last twenty years of my time on earth. As a Sri Lankan-born, London-based photographer, I have had the privilege to apply my craft in a host of fields and a myriad of countries. From visiting some of the most stunning places on earth at the behest of tourist departments to shooting the sublime residencies of pristine hotels and capturing the magic of a couple’s most extraordinary day; I have been able to share my passion across a diverse array of areas.

My Journey

My childhood was like a fairytale my sister and I grew up in one room, A large room in a two-bedroom apartment in rather a posh part of Colombo in Sri Lanka. My parents created this magical world around us. Even at times, we didn't have lots of money, and there were a few those times, they always made us feel anything, and everything was possible and that the sky was the limit. My mom used to read me bedtime stories, they were mostly about beautiful places and cultures that are different to mine: magical sunsets and people in far-off places with painted faces. Mythical tribes on mountain tops. The Adventures of Tintin and how maid Marian was rescued by Robyn Hood. I was mesmerised, these stories there were captivating. Late at night when I fell asleep, I spend my days in other worlds climbing, fighting off lions all in my little Indiana jones adventures and that one day I would visit all of these countries and bring back these stories home, she would smile and reply "of course you will" 

In 1260 Marco Polo headed off to find China. When I was seven, my dad gave me some coins and permission to ride my bike down to the local store; they say there comes a day in a boy's life when he first crosses the street and enters the company of the great explorers. In the summer, I too joined the list of great explorers. 

I remember the first time my dad put a camera in my hand. Even before finishing that initial roll of film (yes, film), I understood what had happened, the world had changed, and my life would never be the same. Ever since then, I've never been one for indoors or cooperative games based on relational interdependence. So grew up with an insatiable longing to explore the unknown and longing to return. 

Then the inevitable happened I grew up moved countries and became an IT Engineer. My dad was well pleased. Servers to update routers to configure cars and minivans, mortgages and loans. Same coffee shop day after day, dinners to lunches routine followed routine life was good. Still, the universe has a habit of drawing you closer to things you love and kicks you hard and reminds you every now and then.    

Today I see life as a privilege and not a Right. I go where the light leads and the land is most extreme I go where I am led by people I don't know. With a myriad of different customs and fresh faces, these moments have transformed the way I think and how I feel. I learn not to fear the unknown but laugh out loud at life's surprise. I am humbled by his creation and am grateful for the opportunity that he presents me so that I too could live life as life was meant to be

The Images come as a gift. The lens is my third eye; a camera is a tool that I take for granted. My work is my best effort; It's a big and beautiful world out there. I want to share it, and not only that I also want to live it, and be a part of the images and stories that I share.

I love people I love places I love adventure, so this is my journey, take your time and scroll through the pages perhaps you may like what you find.

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Artist Photographer | Traveller

Viran de Silva


United Kingdom

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