Capturing the moment in time only to be shared with a random thought, and then with the friends that I have yet to meet

The first glimpse

I've walked, climbed and slept in ancient ruins while hiking the Inca Trail, a path of an ancient tribe that once worshipped the sun moon and the stars. Six days later completely exhausted but excited to see the first glimpse of the lost city of Machu Picchu.

Random Thoughts
Day 6
On the way to Machu Picchu

Preikestolen Rogaland, Norway

Humbled by his Creation

It's too early 3.00 am in the little town of Stavanger, wake up the moss is slippery, scree boulders as I hike up to Preikestolen in the dark. For hours step by step along the mountain ridge, come stand with me among the white clouds to see the sunrise and the glistening Fjords bellow.


5th October 2019

Preikestolen Rogaland


Preikestolen Rogaland, Norway
  • Delivery Man

    It's always amazing to me how poetic photography can be. The way the light falls, the shadows that breakthrough with their density that could put palettes to shame and the often spontaneous moment, capable of stopping time...long enough for me to capture the ultimate photograph. This is the afternoon sun in Kowloon and a delivery man, delivering food on his daily afternoon rounds.

  • A Jigsaw Puzzle

    A maisonette of life
    Like pies upon pies
    The houses stand
    One from the other
    with almost no separations
    Yet, each to his own
    Residing behind a different door,

  • When Time Stood Still

    Blisters on my toe, rain, and wind sweeping across my back. I've been pinned down to the side of the mountain drenched with mid-summer rain. I've followed the rickety trail, faithfully since dawn but It's uninspiring, depressing and gloomy. High up in the hills, then the unexpected happens. The first rays of the sun cut through the mist, The anticipation leads to excitement and for that brief moment time stood still.

  • Door to Hell

    Huge flames leap out from the massive crater just like in the movies. The temperatures had plummeted to -2°C still warm as I stood by the glowing hole. The jagged edges were threatening to give way. Middle of the Karakum desert, the Darvaza gas crater has been illuminating the night sky for the last three decades, creating an orange glow that can be seen for miles.

  • The Little House

    I spent hours watching the river flow by. I was wondering where she flows. What wild things must that waters have seen along the way from its journey through Bosnia and Herzegovina to the pebbles beneath my feet. ​

  • Lonely Horseman

    The first rays of sunlight illuminating the vast caldera upon which lies Mt. Bromo. A lonely horseman rides, the landscape had this desolate beauty in it, I watched as he stops at the ridge, the first gleam of morning rays sharpened them both.

  • On the way to Mount Bromo

    "When a man comes to the mountains, he comes home"
    - John Muir

  • Leaving La Paz

    Sun has set… the world is asleep… the still of the night… it’s time for us dreamers to make wishes…. I lay down on the top of the SUV still warm from the afternoon sun​

    I gazed at the night sky….how beautiful. The blissful solitude of the salt flats. Millions of dazzling stars above. At some point, I close my eyes and fell asleep… fast asleep it was not the normal naps that I have on my travels… this was a deep sleep… blissful and content … the kind of sleep only angels can give…

  • High in Switzerland’s Appenzell

    From Wasserauen I've walked along the Schwendibach stream and climb to Seealpsee lake. Its idyllic location, picture perfect clean water beautiful landscapes. At the end of the lake, the route heads left up to the captivating little herdsmen's village of Meglisalp. I've taken the path that leads through the prehistoric Wildkirchli caves - inhabited around 40,000 years ago - and down to the hermitage and the famous Aescher mountain Inn.

  • Walking through Naked Beauty

    "Dawn in snow that mists around the trees, bare of any leaves."

  • Strangers in the Night

    Hradčany. was dark only to be illuminated with old-fashioned street lamps, Up the steps a couple walked hand in hand embracing under the street lamp, The old man stood tall next to the candlelit cellar playing his guitar music was mellow “strangers in the night” how appropriate, may be not so for the lovers a women in the nearby court yard peeped from the open window Half pass eleven it’s time to head back… Farewell to the old bohemia…. oh how lovely it had been

  • The Old Bohemian Charm

    I walked along the river Vltava towards the Charles Bridge the sun was setting behind the castle and the bohemian vine yards was glowing in the last light.. Yes the left bank the Latran Quarter the hillier side ….. St Vitus Cathedral rising above the red rooftops on the right bank by far made the perfect backdrop to a perfect evening….


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