Door to Hell

Huge flames leap out from the massive crater just like in the movies. The temperatures had plummeted to -2°C still warm as I stood by the glowing hole. The jagged edges were threatening to give way. Middle of the Karakum desert, the Darvaza gas crater has been illuminating the night sky for the last three decades, creating an orange glow that can be seen for miles.


Capturing the moment in time only to be shared with a random thought, with the friends that I have yet to meet

Turkmen of the Teke tribe in the nearby village call it the door to hell. I set up my tent close to the crater. Once the sky had descended into darkness, it was absolute bliss. In the middle of all the nothingness, a city boy long way from home found solitude on a moonless night.

Random Thoughts
Day 20
A solo overland expedition
across Central Asia,