High in Switzerland’s Appenzell

From Wasserauen I've walked along the Schwendibach stream and climb to Seealpsee lake. Its idyllic location, picture perfect clean water beautiful landscapes. At the end of the lake, the route heads left up to the captivating little herdsmen's village of Meglisalp. I've taken the path that leads through the prehistoric Wildkirchli caves - inhabited around 40,000 years ago - and down to the hermitage and the famous Aescher mountain Inn.


Capturing the moment in time only to be shared with a random thought, with the friends that I have yet to meet

Prehistoric stone tools were found in this area 100 years ago, proving that hunter-gatherers lived here in the Late Stone Age (45,000 - 30,000 BC). The remains of cave bears were also found. At the branching of the path, I took the left fork. Enjoying the spectacular panoramic views of Kamor, Hoher Kasten and the long rock face of Alp Sigel - as well as the Berggasthaus Äscher. This inn clings to the foot of the vertical cliff face of the Ebenalp. I treated myself to a delicious plate of rösti or a special Höhlen Meringue and stayed the night in the cosy Inn. The sunrise was breath-taking.

19th July 2016
High in the Swiss Alps
in a tiny mountain hut
perched just under the high plateau Ebenalp