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kingdom in the Clouds

The country Is Lesotho,

people are Basotho’s,

a person is Mosotho,

and they speak Sesotho,

the currency is Maloti.


I know quite funny Of course, there’s nothing quite like the romance of a sunrise or sunset. Still, today I want to share my travel tales on an off-the-beaten-path journey to a country less travelled a quick glimpse to its people and the life of the isolated Mosotho. This landlocked country is wild and beautiful. This is the kingdom of Lesotho.

Bosathos are also called blanket people, what I like most about them is that they see life as a privilege and not a ride and they are one with nature.

No man’s land


it was an early start from Undurnbug a small town in a dairy and cattle farming community in the Mzimkulu river valley of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Just after the Border Post at Sani Pass SA one comes across many beautiful waterfalls and abandoned caves, from here it’s another 8 km to the Boarder post of Lesotho.

Sani Pass - only access by 4x4 vehicle is the only road to Thabana Ntlenyana from Underberg

Blessed with the most incredible scenic beauty, now declared a world heritage site, The Southern Drakensberg Maluti Trans-Frontier is indeed a magnificent place.

Drakensberg mountain range

My home for the next couple of days

Isolation - a whole day of driving then on horseback

( with a sore bum ) I’ve reached my home, my own Rondavel (Round House) just north of Thabana-Ntlenyana the highest point in Africa. (3240M) Talk about isolation well it's a good thing that no one will hear me snoring tonight.

Hike to the village is challenging but need to get water and food as it is paramount, at least for the next couple of days. This community had five houses. A Mosotho lady Teboho made me Borotho, the traditional bread of Lesotho and Served it with stew and barbecued meat what a treat just amazing !!!

Bread flour (wholemeal & white), Yeast, Sugar, Pinch of salt, Tepid water and a whole lot of love makes a tasty Borotho.

Lesotho, Viran de Silva

My home for the next couple of days

Teboho is a kind lady who has never ventured out of her village and lives with her son. Amazing and beautiful people I still think the world is full of kind and caring people to offer food and shelter to wandering traveller. Bless them Bosathos.

Rondavel with a Photovoltaic solar panel

Teboho in her Rondavel (Round House)

the day would start at the early hours of dawn when Mosotho men would carry firewood from the mountains below

Be quiet and listen to the celebration,

Mixed with cries of weeping.

Young men, you should give yourselves names,

When you harvest lustily in the way of young men:

Mine, I have already named myself.

I am Kola Khoali, the boy from Kubung,


A Lithoko praise poems from Lesotho.

17th March 2019


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