Over the past ten years, Viran de Silva has established himself as a UK based professional destination photographer.

Centred in London and photographing globally, he has generated a significant amount of portfolios which lead him to be well recognised in the industry.


He is remarkably professional and passionate about his work.

Viran photographs throughout the UK and abroad with recent commissions all around the world.

The Story


Some memories and moments will come and go in a heartbeat everyone has a story to tell, some with a thousand words and others with just a few. When that single moment becomes a distant memory and withers away, images captured beautifully will last a lifetime. Perhaps yours  is just about to begin,

the story that is to be shared with friends and family.

The story, about the greatest day of your life...

Viran de Silva




Family & Corporate Headshots

Viran De Silva 48.jpg


My work includes fashion and glamour. I work with models on location and shoot them on the ramp, accentuating style and flair.


I'm also commissioned for more private projects. Through nude and boudoir photography I'm able to reveal the beauty in its purest and most unadulterated form.

The following gallery contains material intended for a mature audience.

If you are under age or believe you may be offended please leave now.

Email: info@virandesilva.com

UK +447866742416

Sri Lanka +94773653949

WhatsApp +447866742416

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Artist | Photographer | Traveller

Viran de Silva