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I’m blessed to have my work take me all around the world, some images at the request of tourist departments and other images for travel editorials. Each time I bring back a little piece of it with me, images that portray the beauty and mystery that inhabit these locales.


I believe that all of us are on a journey or a combination of journeys, and sometimes we venture alone to the unknown or with someone we love to share the excitement.  So friends; be patient, be open-minded, be gentle after all these are very personal moments in my life

Featured Story

| Travel | Adventure | Ethiopia

A Gateway to hell at the living Lava Lakes

The Danakil Depression of Ethiopia

2 October 2022

The many roads in the Danakil are just sand and lava tracks leading through a strange wilderness, a bleak road ahead and travelling through this area requires a four-wheel drive jeep, lots of water, and your repair equipment.

The Salt Caravan that reaches across for miles forms a perfect silhouette against the sky

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