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"Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come
back, and reasons to stay."
- Dalai Lama

I had always dreamt of exploring the majestic landscapes of Ladakh, India. Nestled high in the Himalayas, Ladakh was where the heavens seemed to touch the earth, and the air was thin. As an avid traveller, I yearned to experience this remote region's raw beauty and spiritual tranquillity.

My journey began in Leh, the capital of Ladakh, perched at an altitude of over 10,500 feet. Stepping off the plane, I was immediately struck by the crisp, cool air and the stark, barren mountains surrounding me. The altitude was a challenge, but I was prepared. Slowly acclimatising, I spent the first few days exploring the town, visiting monasteries, and interacting with the friendly locals. The guest house owner, the kind lady, welcomed me with warm smiles and a cup of honey, ginger and lemon tea.


An afternoon spent watching the mesmerising Ladakhi dances, set against the perfect backdrop of the sparkling white Shanti Stupa, was truly enchanting. The graceful movements of the dancers, reflecting the rhythms of ancient traditions, blended beautifully with the serene beauty of the Stupa, creating a memorable and captivating experience.

Leh's Enchanting Twilight

As night falls, the city of Leh lights up, its streets aglow with a warm, inviting charm. Majestic snow-capped Stok Kangri (20145 ft) stands tall in the backdrop, a silent guardian under the starry sky. The mountain's serene beauty adds a touch of romance to the evening, making it the perfect end to the first day in Leh, where every moment feels like a timeless embrace.