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Konso Tribe

The Konso tribe is a small tribe located in Southern Ethiopia. They are one of the oldest settled tribes in Africa, living in the region since at least 100 B.C. They are known as the Gurage (also known as Gurag) in Ethiopia.

with a history that dates back over 6,000 years. They are believed to be descended from an ancient population known as the Beta Israel, who lived in the region of Amhara, which is now part of Ethiopia.

Beta Israel was forced out of their homeland by an influx of Oromo and Tigrayan settlers during the nineteenth century.

According to a legend, their name came from their skill at making konso (a kind of bread made with corn flour). The tribe's language is called Kochee, and they speak it along with Amharic, Oromo and Tigrinya. They also speak Afaan Oromoo, which is an Ethiopian language closely related to Kochee.

The Konso people have traditionally been farmers and herders, with many still living on farms today. They grow coffee, tea, fruits and vegetables on their farms. The Konso are also skilled metalsmiths who use copper and brass for tools and weapons such as spears, swords and shields.

Today, there are still communities of Beta Israel in Gondar and Debre Birhan, which are closely related to each other but have different dialects. While they share many cultural commonalities with other Ethiopians, they have retained their traditional dress and customs.

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