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Leaving La Paz

“Travel has been my comrade, adventure my inspiration, accomplishment my recompense”

-Chalet Cameron

Early this year I travelled across South America on trains and buses, crossing borders overland and now almost at the end of my journey. Today I am leaving La Paz, hope my images and random thoughts will inspire you, convinced you, that it’s a big and beautiful world out there. Life is not only a rat race; to live and make the most of yourself. I wish to share my discoveries with friends that I care about even if I haven’t met them yet.

Random thoughts

Day 28, La Paz, Bolivia

Uyuni, a small town in the southwest of Bolivia. A gateway for tourists visiting the salt flats.

Random Thoughts

Day 29, Uyuni, Bolivia

The Train Graveyard

Train to nowhere - with the mining industry collapsing in the early 1940’s people just left the town.

Driving across Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat. It’s the legacy of a prehistoric lake that went dry, leaving behind a desert-like, landscape.

The Flags of the World Monument.

The endless road across the flats. Today is an early start, road to San Pedro de Atacama in Chili.

Random Thoughts

Day 30, Crossing the great Sala de Uyuni, Bolivia

whizzing by the Paris Dakar Rally Monument in Potosi.

At 12,000ft above sea level, felt like I have reached the border between heaven and earth.

Ettni and Annie walked hand in hand. After the rains In the months of January and February, the salt flats turns in to the world’s largest mirror, romantic for some, an illusion to another.

Sunset over the horizon

“Not all those who wander are lost.” – J.R.R. Tolkien

Sun has set… the world is asleep… the still of the night… it’s time for us dreamers to make wishes…. I lay down on the top of the SUV still warm from the afternoon sun…..

I gazed at the night sky….how beautiful. The blissful solitude of the salt flats. Millions of dazzling stars above. At some point, I close my eyes and fell asleep… fast asleep it was not the normal naps that I have on my travels… this was a deep sleep… blissful and content … the kind of sleep only angels can give…

Random Thoughts

Day 32, Somewhere in Sala de Uyuni, Bolivia