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The Old Bohemian Charm – Czech Republic

Stunning architecture ranging from Art Nouveau and Baroque to Renaissance and Gothic so untouched by war and then six hundred years of history …..

I walked along the river Vltava towards the Charles Bridge the sun was setting behind the castle and the bohemian vine yards was glowing in the last light.. Yes the left bank the Latran Quarter the hillier side ….. St Vitus Cathedral rising above the red rooftops on the right bank by far made the perfect backdrop to a perfect evening….

I love the twilights just before the darkness the last rays of the sun ….even after that.. believe me, at night it got even better! I wondered through narrow cobbled stone streets away from the old town square it was spacious dint have no walls….. the tourists had returned to their hotels…. horse-drawn carriages with lovers whispering sweet nothings disappeared to the darkness with the shadows of a misty scene giving in to the silence once again… …..

The winding and narrow eighteen century street of Hradcany was dark only to be illuminated with old-fashioned street lamps, here and there. Up the steps a couple walked hand in hand … embracing under the shade of light….. for the old man stood tall next to the candlelit cellar playing his guitar … music was mellow “strangers in the night” how appropriate may be not so for the lovers… a women in the nearby court yard peeped from the open window …. Half pass eleven it’s time to head back… Farewell to the old bohemia…. oh how lovely it had been…. a wonderful three days!!!! Your charm and beauty has touched my soul and captured my heart…..

– Random Thoughts – My last night in Prague in the Czech Republic

August 2010

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