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Wrinkles, Creases and the Morning Glow

Wrinkles, Creases and the Morning Glow

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As the early morning sunlight falls on the old man, he sits peacefully, engrossed in reading the newspaper. The warm rays of sunlight illuminate the paper, and shadows darken the surroundings, casting a gentle glow on his face and highlighting every line and contour on his weathered face. Every wrinkle, Crease, and furrow tells a story of a life rich with experiences, a mesmerising play of light and shadow.

In the tranquil ambience of the morning, he pauses ocatnally in contemplation, still unaware of my presence, absorbing the world's happenings beyond this moment. The soft rustling of the newspaper blends harmoniously with the subtle sounds of nature awakening outside—the chirping of birds, the distant hum of the village coming to life.

25th November 2022
Guwahati by the Brahmaputra River
Northeast State of Assam

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