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Flag Viran de Silva

Democratic Republic of East Timor

Capital: Dili

Population 1.2 million

Area 14,609 sq km (5,641 sq miles)

Major languages Tetum and Portuguese (official), Indonesian and English (working languages)

Major religion Christianity

Life expectancy 62 years (men), 70 years (women)

Currency US dollar

I've been to a country where a mix of flavours from all over the world European, Indonesian and Chinese all mix with those of locals own native traditions.

I've been to a country where dishes like steamed rice, grilled fish, and goat cheese all wrapped in banana leaf severed hot all day long.

I've been to a country where mountainous, peak to peak, reach the sky.

Though not so great or famous like the Himalayas, but one can marvel, and be inspired, they called it Ramelau (the tall one!)

I've been to a country where locals would greet you with open arms and warm smiles. Starry-eyed kids would run around and play all day, long deserted beaches and endless seas where great men once sailed.

I've been to a country where golden sunsets kissed the shoes of the Timor seas, and a million stars filled the night sky.

I've been to a country that's not everyone bucket list but a few who would tread the less travel path in the quest of their wanderlust.

Viran de Silva
20th August 2018
Timor Leste

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