I’m blessed to have my work take me all around the world, some images at the request of tourist departments and other images for travel editorials. Each time I bring back a little piece of it with me, images that portray the beauty and mystery that inhabit these locales.


I believe that all of us are on a journey or a combination of journeys, and sometimes we venture alone to the unknown or with someone we love and to share the excitement.  So friends; be patient, be open-minded, be gentle after all these are a very personal moment in my life. 


Viran de Silva in 


Rustic Ships & Broken Dreams

13 August 2020

Been driving the entire day I left Khiva early this morning then reached Nukus and switched to a 4 x4 vehicle. I was finally reaching Moynaq, a city in the autonomous state of Karakalpakstan in the Republic of Uzbekistan.