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The Biggest Graffiti Of The World In Rio De Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is renowned for its stunning beaches and vibrant samba culture, but the city also boasts a rich tradition of street art. 

A standout example of this artistic spirit is the Mural das Etnias along Rio’s waterfront.Todos Somos Um, which translates as "We are all one," is the name of the 3,000-square-metre mural das Etnias. The building was constructed using 3,000 spray cans, 700 litres of colourful paint, and 1,800 litres of white paint for the base of the wall. 

The artwork spans 170 metres in length and is 15 metres tall. Walking along the waterfront, I could see the wall's intricate details and vibrant colours, which make the Mural das Etnias a masterpiece of street art. Now somewhat faded since the 2016 Olympic Games. 

The scale and depth of his artwork invite the world to reflect on humankind's diverse origins and stories, fostering a sense of global connectedness. The native tribes across five continents were painted: the Huli of Oceania, the Mursi of Africa, the Kayin of Asia, the Supi of Europe, and the Tapajós of America.

This mural holds the Guinness World Record for the largest graffiti mural and serves as a lasting legacy of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

The mural’s main message is to portray, through the union of the Olympic rings, peace and unity among people.

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