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Beneath ancient skies, I bid you farewell

The Moai of Easter Island, mysterious and grand, 
A testament to history, a story of a distant land. 
Why are they here, their purpose I yearn to know,
Creators lost to time, their enigma continues to grow.

Solemn faces carved in stone, timeless and strong, 
Beady eyes staring to the heavens, where they belong. 
Their massive forms, a labor of ancient hands, 
Crafted with devotion, on sacred Rapa Nui sands.

But secrets of their creation, forever remain untold,
Lost in the depths of time, a mystery to behold. 
Were they symbols of power, or gods from above?
A silent testament to a people's unwavering love.

Yet, as I gaze upon these enigmatic giants, 
I feel their presence, their spirit defiant. 
The Moai of Easter Island, a marvel of the past, 
I bid you farewell,  a mystery meant to last.

4th April 2023

Taken from the Photo Journey "Me Myself & Moai"

Rapa Nui (Easter Island)


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