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Beneath ancient skies, I bid you farewell

Beneath ancient skies, I bid you farewell

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A testament to history, a story of a distant land.   Why are they here, their purpose I yearn to know, Creators lost to time,  their enigma continues to grow.  Beady eyes staring to the heavens, where they belong.   Their massive forms, a labor of ancient hands,   Crafted with devotion, on sacred Rapa Nui sands.  Lost in the depths of time, a mystery to behold.   Were they symbols of power, or gods from above?  A silent testament to a people's unwavering love.  I feel their presence, their spirit defiant.   The Moai of Easter Island, a marvel of the past,   I bid you farewell,  a mystery meant to last. The Moai of Easter Island, mysterious and grand,  Solemn faces carved in stone, timeless and strong,  But secrets of their creation, forever remain untold, Yet, as I gaze upon these enigmatic giants,

Random Thoughts

4th April 2023

Taken from the Photo Journey "Me Myself & Moai" Rapa Nui

Easter Island


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