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Cotopaxi a Distant Dream

Cotopaxi a Distant Dream

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As I ventured higher on the majestic slopes of Cotopaxi, altitude sickness tightened its grip, rendering me weak and disoriented. Every step became an arduous battle against the thin air, draining my strength with each laboured breath. Despite my willpower, my body succumbed to the unforgiving altitude, and halfway up the mountain, I collapsed.  The world around me blurred as my vision faded, and the mountain's grandeur transformed into a distant dream. In that moment of vulnerability, I learned the fragility of human existence and the humbling power of nature. Cotopaxi became a symbol of resilience, reminding me that surrendering is not defeat but a chance to heal, regroup, and rise again with renewed determination. In the famous words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, "I'll be back." 

Random Thoughts

27th March 2023

Halfway up Mt. Cotopaxi


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