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Eighteen Hours and Forty Minutes

Eighteen Hours and Forty Minutes

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With each passing hour, the anticipation built within me. Armed with a one-way ticket, I embraced the unknown that lay ahead as I wondered what extraordinary adventures awaited me in South America. Cabin lights begin to dim, and the pretty flight attendant passed out the blankets, a sense of calmness!!! The cabin is peaceful. I looked outside my little oval window seat, the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean, and my mind drifted off as I gazed out into the abyss of the night sky. The rhythmic hum of the engines provided a soothing backdrop to my thoughts. Time seemed to stand still.

A sudden gush of wind jolted its frame, sending a ripple of unease among the passengers. The unexpected turbulence disrupted the calm, and whispers of nervousness filled the cabin. The once-steady journey now felt precarious as the aircraft danced with the invisible forces of nature. Clutching armrests and exchanging glances, the passengers grappled with their own anxieties; The world below disappeared into an endless expanse of black, with only sporadic glimmers of light from distant vessels piercing the darkness. I felt a profound sense of insignificance in the face of the vastness that stretched before me. Yet, at that moment, a sense of calmness surrounded me; it was a truly peaceful feeling. Maybe I felt a little closer to Him as I always do whenever  I am up here in the clouds. 

21st March 2023
Flight IB6453
Seat 37A
Somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean

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