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Laguna Quilotoa

Laguna Quilotoa

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In the heart of the Andes, where mountains touch the sky, Lies a hidden gem, a lagoon that will make your spirit fly. Quilotoa, they call it, a name that dances on the breeze, A crater lake of wonders where nature finds its ease. Laguna Quilotoa is both serene and grand, Going down to the lake was easy. The hike back up was a challenge as the altitude unwinds. As it unfolds, a masterpiece in its own right, Turquoise waters shimmering, reflecting the sun's golden light. The Quilotoa Lagoon, also known as Laguna Quilotoa, is a stunning crater lake in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador. It is part of the Cotopaxi Province and is situated within the Quilotoa Caldera, a collapsed volcano. 

The diameter of the Quilotoa Lagoon is approximately 3 kilometres (1.9 miles), reaching a depth of around 250 meters (820 feet) and located about 180 kilometres (112 miles) south of Quito, the capital city of Ecuador.

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28th March 2023

Quilotoa Lagoon


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