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Patterns by the Sea

Patterns by the Sea

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In the ebb and flow of Nature's rhythmic dance, Where azure waves caress the golden sand, Emerges a canvas of enchantment, by chance, Patterns by the sea, a masterpiece so grand.

With every gentle tide that sweeps ashore, Nature's brushstrokes paint intricate designs, Whispering tales of tales untold evermore, In Nature's symphony, where beauty aligns.

Curves and lines interlace in harmony, Forming a tapestry, both intricate and free. Seashells, pebbles, and seaweed elegantly, Create a mesmerising ode to eternity.

Oh, patterns by the sea, a divine spectacle, Majestic and elusive, yet eternally collectable, In this coastal poetry, we find solace and delight, As Nature's artistry unfolds, a captivating sight.

16th October 2014
Antigua and Barbuda 

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