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Saying Goodbye to Bella

Saying Goodbye to Bella

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One afternoon, the weight of the world seemed to hang heavy in the air of the neighbourhood. Yet, amidst the gloom, the sound of children's laughter echoed through the streets, breathing life back into the hood. Their voices intertwined Spanish with a sprinkling of English words, creating a harmonious symphony that drew me in. Most afternoons, I joined their joyful company, becoming a part of their vibrant world. "What's your name?" they shouted, their tiny voices filled with excitement. "Cómo te llamas?" I smiled, touched by their curiosity. They affectionately called me Gringo, the brown Gringo from a faraway land. 

They cheered with delight as we played football together. In those moments, language barriers faded, replaced by the universal language of friendship and shared experiences. Among the children was a special soul named Bella, whose charm was unparalleled. She captured hearts effortlessly with her big brown eyes, snotty nose, and chubby cheeks. As we played, she would give me a playful attitude, adding an extra layer of joy to our time together. Bella, the cutest of them all, left an indelible mark on my heart. But as the sun began its descent, casting long shadows over the streets, it was time for me to bid farewell. Bella clung to me tightly, her embrace filled with an innocent intensity. With tears glistening in her eyes, she asked if I would return. Knowing that I couldn't fulfil her wish pained me to see her hopefulness. Sofley, I told her that I had to go to a faraway land where I belonged. And with a heavy heart, I stole one last glance at her precious face, capturing this image before her first teardrop fell to the floor. Often, my thoughts drift back to those little streets, wondering what life holds for Bella and her friends. I wish you well, my little friend, and I hope all is well in the Panama end. Birthdays, Graduations and Proms may life unfold its finest gifts in the years to come. But deep in my heart, I know I will not see you again, so be safe Bella, Be safe. 

Taken from "I Almost Did That" 

DAY: 41

The Brown Gringo Form a faraway land

Panama City


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