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The Old Pier

The Old Pier

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As the winds blow in fury and the waves caress their weathered form, the old pier stands, the countless journeys embarked, where weary sailors sought refuge in its arms with stories from journeys past from a bygone era. This is the gateway to Torres del Paine National Park in the northwest and the port for boats touring the Patagonian fjords. No matter what you're here to do, you will come across this old pier. Countless photographers have sought to capture its timeless allure, each leaving behind a fragment of their own story. I, a fleeting traveller, pause here to honour the legacy of those who came before and welcome those who will follow. The old pier is a stoic monument to the spirit of Puerto Natales. And to the enduring traveller who pauses to ponder. 

Random Thoughts

15 April 2023

By the Old Pier

Puerto Natales


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